Everything To Know About Wallpaper Removal Service

Have you been sitting at home recently staring at your old wallpaper? There’s only so long you can stand to look at it without wondering how you can get rid of it in a fast and efficient manner! Because after all, the times change over the years and what was trendy and current becomes passé. It’s so worth it, even if it can be a bit messy and a time consuming process.  If you want to learn everything you can about wallpaper removal service, keep on reading!

Everything you want to know about wallpaper removal service

Variables affecting wallpaper removal costs

There’s many different variables that factor into the pricing when you hire professional wallpaper services to do your removal. The cost usually runs anywhere from $3 – $5/square foot. There is a minimum amount of $1,200 at Home Painters Toronto. Usually, an average sized room with wallpaper costs around $500 – $800. But it’s obviously a better deal if you get 2 – 3 rooms done for the same service to meet the minimum requirements. The cost includes everything from the set-up, wallpaper removal, skim plaster, caulking, sanding, priming and clean-up.

So, why does the price vary so much? Here are a the main considerations:

  1. The length of time the wallpaper has been on the wall for. Has your wallpaper been up for 20 or 30 years or just a few? It can make a huge difference in terms of the work and time involved in removing it.
  2.  Plaster vs. drywall. The pricing also depends on the materials your walls are made of. Drywall is definitely cheaper and easier to work with if there are damages while plaster walls are pricier to fix up.
  3. The height of the walls. It means more time and resources if the space that you need your wallpaper removed has high ceilings or even a long stairwell.
  4. Extraneous furniture in the room. Sometimes there’s rooms with lots of extra furniture that needs to be removed prior to beginning the process.
  5. Schedule flexibility. It affects the price if you need a rush job or perhaps have a schedule where you need to book the job in just the evenings or weekends as well.
Before and after of a wallpaper removal project in toronto, painted white after

What does the process entail?

Here’s what the process involves if you’re wondering what the timeline looks like.

  1. Scouring the walls: For this step, they use a putty knife while doing a criss-cross motion on the wallpaper to scour the wallpaper. By doing this, it will actually absorb into the wallpaper layer properly.
  2. Apply hot water + wallpaper solution: For this step, it’s best to use hot or boiled water water and mix the hot water in with wallpaper removal solution. Putting the two together and spraying this across the wallpaper will help to break down the wallpaper faster.
  3. Let it soak & work in sections: It’s really important to work in spray to the wall in smaller sections and let each section have some time to soak in. About 5 – 10 minutes should work.
  4. Peel off wallpaper: Once the sections are completely soaked, go to the top of the wall or any edge and begin to peel off the wallpaper. The use of a scraper will definitely help here in removing those sections that are really stuck to the wall.
  5. Rinse & repeat: Spraying the wallpaper with water, letting it soak and then removing it may have to be repeated a few times due to the nature of wallpaper. 
  6. Repairs & skim plastering: It’s time to skim plaster once the wallpaper is fully removed. This step will ensure that any little dents in the wall are taken care of. Then sanding is required.
  7. Priming the wall: The priming step is practically as crucial as removing the wallpaper itself. It’s crucial to go in with an oil based primer once the plastering is finished. You want to protect the wall from bubbling after paint application and an oil based primer will do that. 
Before and after of a wallpaper removal project in toronto, painted white after

Last few tips on what to look for in a contractor who does wallpaper removal service

As always, we want to ensure that you get the very best service when it comes to hiring a contractor to remove your wallpaper. Here are a few things to watch out for as you go through the hiring process:

  1. 5 – 10 years experience minimum: You want to make sure you hire a contractor who’s accountable for their work and really knows what they’re doing. So, be sure to read online reviews, like on Homestars. And see if they have any customer testimonials as well.
  2. Ask questions about their process. You want to make sure that they use the right materials for wallpaper removal. For example, an oil based primer is absolutely crucial when they’re priming the walls afterwards. Also, you’re going to want good plasters and tapers on deck as well.
  3. Get a second opinion. It never hurts to reach out to someone else to get another quote or second opinion. A good contractor will always want to make sure their client is comfortable and happy, so any reputable one will probably even recommend this.
  4. Get a fixed quote. You don’t want to be price gauged down the line. So, it’s always best to ask for a fixed quote from your painting contractor.
  5. Trust your gut. It’s always important to go with your intuition. If the contractor is responsive, friendly and has lots of happy clients, go with your gut!

Before and after Transformations 

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Wallpaper Removal – What’s The Process?

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