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What Is The Best Paint For Fence Painting?

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What is the best paint for fence painting? 

Updating and maintaining your fence might not be something that comes to mind very often. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind because it catches a lot of people’s eyes and can be a great feature for curb appeal. Even if you recently redid your fence, fence painting is worth it to maintain since the wood is exposed to the elements. It’s likely to start to rot or even develop fungus or termites if it’s not maintained properly. 

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a nice little guide completely dedicated to fence painting! We’ll let you in on all the details in regards to how often you should redo your fence paint. As well as what the best paint is for fence painting. Also, some options for fence staining as well. Let’s dig right into what is the best paint for fence painting!

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How often does painting need to be done? 

In terms of how often your fence needs to be repainted, it really depends on the wood’s condition and the climate where you live. If the weather is quite damp and rainy, your wood is likely to need fence painting more frequently. After all, when your fence is stained or painted, it acts as that nice barrier and protector from the elements. If the area that you live in is quite dry for most of the year, your fence might need less maintenance. 

With that said, most experts recommend regular fence painting maintenance every two to three years. It’s good to give your fence a nice once-over every spring or summer. You want to check it out and see if there are any visible chips, cracks or just general wear and tear. Also, there’s a way to check and see if there’s any water damage as well. Simply spray your fence with a little bit of water and if it doesn’t bead down the sides, it’s definitely time to repaint! 

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Why fence painting over stain?

It really depends on the type of look you’re going for with your exterior elements. Some people prefer working with wood stain over paint, but it’s really up to you. Both are great options for your exterior decking and fence!

For fence painting, paint works to give a more opaque finish. There is also a nice level of protection from UV rays, rain, snow and ice. Also, if you go with fence painting, you can really play up your fence and make it a feature that works to make your backyard pop!

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What is the best paint to use for fence painting? 

The thing to remember about fence painting is that you have to select a decent exterior primer before you start painting. For wood fencing, you can either go latex or oil-based primer and paint. Oil-based is a great choice if you’re starting from scratch. Behr’s Premium Plus Oil-Based Primer & Sealer is a nice dependable pick. Otherwise, if your fence already has paint on it, a good latex primer and paint is likely the best choice. A latex primer that works well on wood is Sherwin Williams Exterior Latex Wood Primer.

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Latex paints are a solid choice in terms of exterior paint options. They’re super durable and resist cracking, fading and peeling. They apply easily and work to resist mildew damage, even in humid temperatures. If you want to go with a nice off-white for your fence painting, White Diamond is a pretty choice. It’s also a popular choice for the 2020 season to go for a nice deep brown. It works to hide any imperfections and really makes for a sleek finish. Tucker Chocolate is an inspired choice for fence painting. Another popular colour this season is Thundercloud Gray    


The benefits of going with fence stain 

If you have a fresh new fence installed and are looking to go the stain route, it’s certainly a good option. Fence staining helps to protect your investment as it acts as a sealant. It protects it from the environment and also offers up shielding from harsh UV rays. Fence staining also helps to protect the wood from mildew, rotting, fungus and termites as well.

You also have the option with stains to showcase the natural grain of the wood when you choose clear or transparent stain. When you get into the semi-transparent and solid stains, they provide more colour changing options.

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