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Best Interior Paint: How To Pick The Right Paint Colour

Interior Paint has the most dramatic effect on your home and it is the least expensive way to give it an update too!

Best interior paint: How to pick right paint colour?

Repainting your home can be a very exciting project to take on. You get to transform the rooms of your home into your own creative masterpiece. Doesn’t that sound exciting? As always, the largest journeys begin with a single step — this step being how to pick the right paint colour for your space. Today we’re going to dive into the process in choosing the best possible interior paint colour for your home painting project! Also, don’t forget that you can always consult professional home painting services if you don’t want to do the painting work yourself.

STEP 1: Define the mood for how to pick the right paint colour

First things first, you’re going to define the mood of the room that you’re going to be doing some new home painting. Consider the following things when thinking of the best interior paint:

1. Is the room somewhere that you want to relax or get excited?

2. Is there an overall theme that you would like to apply to your room?

3. What do you and your family usually do in this space?

Soft, cool paint colour usually gives a feeling of relaxation while stronger paint colours give more of a sense of drama.

4. Do you want to go more modern with your overall feel, which usually means grey?

Or are you thinking of going more classic with your interior painting? In that case, taupe can be a great choice.

STEP 2: Pay Attention to Lighting Before Choosing Paint Colour

One thing that is generally overlooked is the way that the room will be lit when all is said and done. Be sure to think about lighting when thinking of your best interior paint choices. 

• There’s a reason that paint stores have light boxes, they want you to use them!

• Remember that natural daylight shows the truest paint colour.

• Incandescent lighting brings warm tones to the front.

• Fluorescent lighting tends to cast a blue tone over the paint colour.

A strong colour may not be the right choice if it is a wall that is next to a large window, but it could be effective for an indirectly lit situation.

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STEP 3: Testing Colours and Paint Colour Combinations

When you have your choice narrowed down to one or two paint colours, the next step would be to test the colour in your specific room of choice. Thinking about how to pick the right paint colour may take a little time! 

  • This may seem overkill, but if you are not 100% sure, get a poster board-sized sample of your paint colour and hang it on the wall. 
  • You want a clear picture of how your space is going to looking with your new home painting and the right interior paint colour.
  • When testing interior paint colours, go beyond your comfort zone! If you like soft colours, try a couple warm ones. You never know what is going to click with you and your space until you give it a try!
  • If you’re still a little lost, reach out your local home painting services and ask for a colour consultation. Professional painters have so much knowledge when it comes to choosing the right paint colours.
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STEP 4: Accenting the Wall

  • There are so many different home painting ideas you can choose from. If you’re into the idea of stenciling or painting patterns, check out this blog here!
  • Also, if the room seems boring and has no real life to it, consider painting a feature accent wall. It’s amazing the difference an accent wall can really make on a room.
  • Accent walls can really offer the opportunity to spice up a room in a simple yet unique way. Plus, if you choose the right wall in your space, it can allow for the room to really open up. 

That’s all there is to it, folks. We’ve given you all you need for thinking about how to pick the right paint colour. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s a personal choice. You’re the one who is going to have to look at and live with your interior painting everyday. So, if you don’t like it, choose a different paint colour!

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