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Painting walls for beginners is a fun activity, even for veteran painters. It’s usually an inexpensive project and if something unfortunately goes wrong, it is easily fixable. Refreshing your room with a new paint color can bring unexpected joy to your life. In addition, it can make your small room feel like a large room and bring a sense of warmth to your environment. Before you grab your paint roller, it is always important to start off with a plan. What is your plan? You should always start by envisioning how you want your room to look and what color you want to use. Whether you use bold shades or neutral tones, your room should be a reflection of yourself. 

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Choose Your Interior Paint Colour

I know some people are wondering: how can a coat of paint change your mood? Depending on the paint color you use, it can have a tremendous effect on your personality and well-being. By using warm colors, you want to feel relaxed and at ease while in that space. Yes, one color can do that! Freshening up your space with warm and inviting colors will transform your mood in the best way possible. For the most part, homeowners want to be in a setting where they can escape from their busy lives with colors that make them breathe and feel alive. In addition, figuring out general elements of what you want your room to look like, is a great first step.

A Colour Wheel Is Always Helpful! 

Testing the interior painting shades you want to use and getting samples is always a mindful thing to do. When picking the right colour, don’t forget about the colour wheel. Going through the colour wheel will allow you to decide which tone you want your room to be: cool, complementary colors, warm, shaded, or vibrant. Giving your room a certain vibe is what homeowners look for. Had a bad day? You would want to use cool or warm shades to make you more relaxed. Or maybe you would use darker tones to resemble that aspect of your personality.

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Painting Walls For Beginners With The Right Tools 

Each project presents using different tools and materials. Depending on what paint color you use and the presentation of your walls, here are what you need: paint, paint roller, drop cloths, paint extension poles, paint tray, paint brushes, painter’s tape, sandpaper, and a putty knife. 

How Much Paint Will A Beginner Need?

Using a paint calculator from providers such as Benjamin Moore, is a great tool to use, so that you don’t have an overbearing amount of paint. Also, this paint calculator takes into account door and window measurements (very helpful). The paint calculator assumes that you are using two coats of paint per project.

Prepare Your Walls And Room 

You would never want to damage any of your furniture, right? In that case, removing all your furniture from the room you’re painting in would be a wise decision. Let’s say you unfortunately don’t have any space left, move your furniture into the center of the room. Use a drop cloth and place it on the floor, so that it doesn’t get filled with paint. Use painter’s tape (frog tape is preferred) and place it in the corners of the room and the base. Also, the door and window casings. Use a putty knife to seal it. Paint can get under the tape, so your putty knife is important to block that from occurring. Veteran painters skip using painter’s tape entirely, but because you’re a beginner, the tape is vital in creating a clean space. Now, mix your paint using a wooden stick and keep this process throughout the project. In the event you’re using more than one gallon of paint, you can combine the cans into a large bucket. There could be a slight change in colour though.

Painting Methods 

Your paint is mixed and your roller is in your hand. Planning a strategy before you paint is needed. You don’t want to paint for your room in a sloppy manner, instead you want to have methods in place that allow for a clean and crisp wall. Ideally, you should start painting from the top down, so first you would paint the ceiling (if you are doing that). In addition, don’t work on too many things at once. Work on one wall at a time because this will make the process more efficient. Paint along the molding and corners from up to down – while your friend or family member uses a roller to cover the main areas of the wall. Here’s a helpful tip: avoid the precise spots. To also avoid roller marks, use strokes in a W pattern for sufficient coverage. Once the wall is dry, it is ready for a second coat. If painting the trim, remove the tape and wait for it to dry out.

Open Your Windows Or Use A Fan! 

Please make sure the space you are doing interior painting is well-ventilated. You can open your windows or use a fan, whatever works best. This is a bonus because not only are you not too hot, but the paint will dry much faster. Unfortunately, if the weather is moist, it will take much longer for your wall to dry.

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Clean Up Time! 

You feel like you completed the project because you painted multiple coats, but not so fast; there is more to do! Remove the drop cloth and the painter’s tape, making sure the paint is completely dry. We don’t want to have a big mess, right? If you used a water-based or latex paint, clean your brushes with soap and water. In addition, if you use oil-based paints, you will need to clean using minerals. 

You Have Finished Painting As A Beginner! 

Painting walls for beginners, although enjoyable, can be a tough task to take on. The difficulty can also stem from the size of the room, your skill level, and how you paint. For example, painting your walls a neutral shade takes much less time than using dark shades to paint a ceiling. Time is important to remember too. Some spaces take a day to complete, while others might take several days or weeks. Try to space your time, so that your project isn’t rushed. Also, don’t forget about planning and clean up time. If you do take all of these elements into consideration, painting walls for beginners will be a delightful experience.

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