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Front Door Colours For A Nice First Impression

How do you make a great first impression? Choosing a great colour for your front door! There are many great front door colours to choose from that can make your house stand out from the pack. A fresh and glossy coat of new paint can give you instant curb appeal. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance line works specifically for front doors. Thus, giving your door a fresh and vivid new appearance. Not to mention that it is exceptionally durable and versatile.

So, let’s dig right into Front Door Colours For A Nice First Impression!

front door refurbishing & staining

Colourful Front Door Colours 

Most of the time, homeowners tend to go for a neutral look. Nothing wrong with that, but a colourful front door will give you the chance to show off your own personal style. With the help of professional painters, they can do just that. These include colourful colours like hot shots of red, burgundy, or even yellow! If the exterior of your house is mainly white, imagine how your red front door would look like to cars passing by? It would instantaneously improve your curb appeal and the same would go for a bright yellow or orange front door. In addition, bright front door colours would boost the facade of your home, while complimenting the surrounding architecture. All this to say that a bit of contrast is not so bad.

Cool Colours for Front Door Colours

For a more gracious expression, you should consider using cool colours, such as gray, blue, or green. You should use these colours because they contrast with warm undertones. For example, if you have the surrounding features near your door are green, painting your front door black will give it elegance. Mopboard Black from Benjamin Moore is a playful shade, but shows powerful intensity as well. Although on the dark side, your front door will still stand out.

The warmer, the better

Some people are wondering: how can a coat of paint change your mood? Depending on the paint colour you use, it can have a tremendous effect on your personality and well-being. By using warm colours, you want to feel relaxed and at ease. Yes, one colour can do that! Freshening up your space with warm and inviting colours will transform your mood in the best way possible. For the most part, homeowners want to be in a setting where they can escape from their busy lives with colours that make them breathe and feel alive. Ultimately, there are various warm colours to choose from and there is no wrong answer. Whatever makes you happy and relaxed, is the way to go! That includes what colour you choose for your front door.

More Colour Choices 

  • Non-traditional choices, such as turquoise or lime, can spice up your home’s exterior features. Even though these are “out of the box” colour choices, the things people wouldn’t do can be a blessing in disguise for you.
  • Teal has always been a popular choice for interior and exterior painting. If you are tired of typical black or taupe front doors, teal is your next best choice. A sophisticated look and one that will boost your curb appeal.
  • You can’t go wrong with having a red front door. This will also boost your curb appeal. In addition, it is a vibrant choice and is a great option when surrounded by stucco or brick features.
  • If the exterior of your house has red bricks, a dark front door is exactly what you need. Gray, black, or even a dark green would compliment your red brick exterior the best.
  • Last, but certainly nor least, a brown front door is a vintage choice. Especially when surrounded by decorative details and a white wood exterior. Although it is an historic front door colour, sometimes a vintage look works just fine.
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What to do when you’re confused

When picking the right colour, don’t forget about the colour wheel. Going through the colour wheel will allow you to decide which tone you want your front door to be: cool, complimentary, warm, shaded, or vibrant. Giving your front door a certain vibe is exactly what homeowners look for. Had a bad day? You would want to use cool or warm shades to make you feel more relaxed. Are you a moody type of person? Maybe you would use darker tones to resemble that aspect of your personality. Whichever direction you go, there is no wrong answer! Look for any inspirations or ideas to help guide you into choosing the right paint colour for your front door.

Front door colours

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to the colour of your front door. No matter which direction you go (warm, neutral, complimentary, etc), there is no wrong answer. A fresh and glossy coat of new paint can give instant curb appeal to your home.

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