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Nobody really likes a dark space, right? Most people prefer brighter rooms because it just naturally helps to lift your mood. Not only because of its vibrancy, but adding light to your home can make you feel happy. Whether it be bright art pieces or bright interior painting colours, more homeowners are focusing more on light (from what pro painters have observed). So, how do you brighten up a dark room with paint? Let’s find out!

How to brighten up a dark room with paint 

  1. Chocolate Brown: Have you always wanted a cozy atmosphere that is not too dark? Look no further than a chocolate brown shade. It is inviting and warm, while also being a very strong colour. How do you balance a strong colour from being too overbearing? You match it with light accents, such as designed fabrics or neutral carpets.
  2. Warm Orange: Various shades of orange illustrate warmth and feelings of togetherness. This includes pumpkin, tangerine, and apricot. Not to mention that when the room is bright, shades of orange light up and glows radiantly.
  3. Lavender: Everyone’s favorite colour! It is a very welcoming colour for a dark room. In addition, it’s also a playful colour, when mixed around with bold blues and purples. It’s also sophisticated for all rooms and in any lighting.
  4. Yellow: The colour of the sun, how can you not choose this for a dark room? Sunny yellow walls combat low light rooms because what’s better than natural lighting? Pale yellow looks great as the dominant colour, while having an all-white setting. It even looks great with warm wood tones.
  5. Pink: When sunlight does not appear, pink is a great choice for dark rooms. It is bright enough to withstand such darkness and shades like watermelon and fuchsia. Although mostly used in girl’s bedrooms, pink is great when you need some light in your home. Not to mention that it would certainly improve your mood and the aura of the house.
  6. Green: Whether your space is small or large, lime green will make it stand out from the pack. This is an energizer colour, meaning that if you’re feeling down and out, this shade will lift you back up!

Maybe your kitchen or living room need a little light… 

Sometimes, there might not be much light in your living room, especially if it’s not a sunny day outside. So, it is best to use warm shades, like Primrose Yellow or Golden Honey. You could also paint the inside of your window with fresh white. This will reflect more light into your living room. If your kitchen is too dark for your liking, it will instantly look brighter if you use cool paints, like warm greens or smoky purples. Also, on food preparation areas, you could possibly add directional halogen spotlights to brighten up that section of your kitchen. Who said home painting can’t be fun?

How to add lightness to your bedrooms and hallways

Dark bedrooms can happen when people don’t like their lights on or if their blinds are down. In order to create a brighter and more vibrant bedroom, paint the walls with a warm hue like Glowing Apricot and Peach Cobbler. Warm hues throw light around the entire space and it tricks the eyes into thinking the room is bright, but it isn’t really that bright. You can say it’s an illusion, but it works to perfection.

Another illusion (or a great trick) to reflect light around the space is to lean a mirror against a wall and particularly a large mirror. To create a brighter hallway, you should use golden hues, like primrose yellow or soft peach. If you want something more subtle, you can use oatmeal or soft truffle paint. To anchor the look, add a mirror with a luminous copper table light. Not only will your hallway be vibrant, but it will be stylish as well.

What about your bathroom?

To brighten up a dark room with paint, like your bathroom, try applying crisp hues from the cooler end of the colour spectrum. This includes mint or teal. Use a lighter shade on the ceiling and a deeper tone of color near the floor. This will allow you to create an illusion of space and reflect light around what used to be a dark room. If you’re feeling extra fancy, mirrored cabinets can help out as well. They can really make a great addition to any bathroom that needs some extra light. If you’re feeling a bit stuck on where to find some, check out these mirrored cabinets from Ikea. Not only do they give you another place to check yourself out before leaving the house, but you’ll likely notice that your bathroom will seem that much lighter and brighter! 

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