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Most of the time you simply can’t go wrong with a neutral palette when it comes to interior painting. When we discuss interior design ideas related to the best neutral paint, we don’t necessarily mean beiges or plain whites. Of course, those are certainly included, but there are many different ways you can go. If you’re looking for a muted palette, you want interior house paint that’s clean, fresh and versatile. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

Best neutral paint: Silver Satin from Benjamin Moore

We thought we’d start off with one of the off-white best rated interior paints out there — Silver Satin. It’s a part of their off-white collection and people love it because it’s timeless yet sophisticated. It makes a great interior painting choice for kitchens and living rooms because it’s completely versatile. You can do so much with your decor and furniture. Even bring in pops of colour with couch cushions or artwork. This is also a great interior house paint for bedrooms due to its muted tone.

silver satin oc-26 benjamin moore soft paint colours for painting your toronto home
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Feather down by Benjamin Moore 

This Benjamin Moore interior paint that’s completely versatile is a part of the taupe family. Feather Down is a nice choice for living rooms and dining rooms. The great thing about this interior house paint that’s neutral is that it’s not white, but it could be. Meaning, it’s one of the best neutral paints because it’s endlessly versatile. Plus, if you put this interior wall paint with white trims, it will create the perfect contemporary muted palette.

benjamin moore feather down swatch from pinterest, best neutral paint

Tucker Gray: Best Neutral Paint for a modern theme 

If you’re looking to really dive headfirst into a colour palette that’s more modern, you have to check out Tucker Gray. It’s one of the most versatile interior house paint colours out there. It really runs the gamut as far as interior painting because this colour would work right through from your kitchen and living room to a powder room or bedroom. You could even put this gray colour on your kitchen cabinets! As we all know coloured kitchen cabinets have become a trend this past year.

Tucker Gray (CW-705) benjamin moore paint top paint 2020 colors for painting home interiors painting service in toronto

Sherwin Williams Colour Of The Year: Urbane Bronze 

It might surprise you that a colour such as Urbane Bronze would be so completely versatile, but it’s true! Not only is it Sherwin Williams Colour of the Year 2021, but it’s deep and dark and gorgeous too! It rests somewhere in the realm of a deep bronze to a mossy green. And contrary to popular belief, you can absolutely use a darker interior painting colour like this as a neutral backdrop. Plus, think of all of the different ways in terms of interior design you could take your room with this colour. They’re endless!

urbane bronze colour swatch from pinterest, top rated interior paint, interior house paint

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