Searching online for “Best paint for concrete walls in a basement” can lead to an endless spiral of confusion. Your basement is a sanctuary for the average troubles of everyday life. It is essential for you, the home-owner, to have the best paint for your concrete walls to support your man-cave, designer studio, or the home gym looking like the best version of itself. 

Now, there is a handful of select paints that should be used, but before we get into that, you should the steps necessary before the job to paint concrete walls in a basement takes place.

Best Paint for Concrete Walls in a Basement

Process to Paint Concrete Walls in a Basement

Before you get to the job to paint concrete walls in a basement, there are several things you must examine with the concrete walls. Just painting with no prep will lead to peeling, chipping and ultimately a lacklustre paint job.

  • • Check for any water damage before you start. This is paramount because if you paint with water damage, the paint job will be lackluster and can cause further damage.


  • Clean the walls with a cloth to get rid of any dust formed.


  • • Strip the outdated paint with a paint scraper.


  • • Prime the concrete walls in your basement. This is necessary for the paint to stick better on the surface. Ultra Spec Masonry Int/Ext 100% Acrylic Sealer by Benjamin Moore is an ideal option.

The prep required for the concrete walls in a basement is the same as any other paint job but can have much more severe consequences if not done correctly. Walls in a basement are the foundation of your interior home. They need proper care to ensure a healthy and sustainable place for living in the future.


Paints You Should Use

Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore offer top-of-the-line paint and primers for home-owners. Whichever you choose is ultimately up to you, but you want to stick with recognized brands, even if it does end up costing more. Remember, anything that is high quality will end up costing more due to its durability. Paint for concrete walls is a specialized item that will cost more than regular paint.

These are all brands used here at Home Painters Toronto. If you are hiring a company, you want to ensure they are using the best quality paint. To paint concrete walls in a basement requires waterproof coating since leakage is more prominent in a basement than in other sections of a house.

Can You Do it Yourself?

Of course, if you are confident enough, you can attempt to paint concrete walls in a basement. These walls are different from your upstairs interior, so it is crucial that you take all the necessary steps to do a professional and lasting job.

Unfinished Basement Drywall and Hardwood Floor, flooded basement repair
  • • Fill cracks with hydraulic cement.


  • • If water is evident throughout the walls, find the source immediately.


  • • Remove debris from concrete.


  • • Be sure to apply waterproof masonry products on concrete walls in a basement.

Tools Required

The tools you need to paint concrete walls in a basement can add to the cost, but it is worth it for your safety. Sherwin-Williams has all the equipment necessary for tackling this project. It is paramount that you use all these tools to not only be safe but to have your concrete walls secured for years to come.

  • • Concrete Broom


  • • Spiked Shoes


  • • Rake frame with threaded handle adapter


  • • Adjustable Trowel
DIT Painting Tools

The best paint for concrete walls in a basement has to be waterproof. I have said this several times throughout this piece because of how important it is. If you choose a paint that is not explicitly meant for concrete, you are looking at a steeper price to redo the walls.

Home Painters Toronto is a proven company with over 33 years of experience in Toronto and the GTA. We tackle all sorts of painting jobs, including concrete walls in a basement. If you do not want to do the job yourself, you must hire a positive track record company.

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