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To paint a basement ceiling, you will need plenty of materials and a paint that will be durable. Painting your basement ceiling is much faster than drywall. When you use a sprayer, it takes about 3 hours, with breaks in between to let the paint dry. Drywall, on the other hand, takes many days to complete. Not to mention that drywall ceiling involves much more work and neck aches. Nobody wants that, right? In this blog, we will discuss why you should paint a basement ceiling and the cost of such work. 

Paint Basement Ceiling

Benefits of Painting a Basement Ceiling

Benefit: 1

• One of the benefits of painting a basement ceiling is to leave access to pipes. If your house has unfinished work when it comes to your pipes, an exposed ceiling will allow you unlimited access to those pipes. Something that will be helpful to you in the future.

Benefit: 2

• Another benefit is that it’s pretty inexpensive to paint a basement ceiling. Drywall is pretty inexpensive too, but painting a basement ceiling requires you to have a sprayer, paint and primer. I think we all want to keep away unwanted guests, if you know what I mean (pest problems). Exposed rafters means that pests will have nowhere to live, something that will be very useful to homeowners.

Benefit: 3

• We didn’t even mention how nice your basement ceiling will look! If you want your basement to look industrial, the exposed beams and pipes will do that for you. 

Cost of Painting Basement Ceiling

The cost depends on the materials you buy and if it is a DIY or professional project. Below will be some rough estimations. 

Paint sprayer: $300 (the bigger, the better)

Primer: $84

Paint: $150

Drop cloths: 10-$15

Paint respirator: $40

Buying the paint and primer in 5 gallon buckets will help save you money, as you will have some left over for future painting projects. 

Painting Pipes in a Basement

Yes! You can paint your pipes! It is the perfect way to make them disappear visually. To ensure that the paint sticks, be sure to use primer. Even if you have multiple materials: copper pipes, PVC, ducts, metal ductwork, etc. The paint can cover all the surfaces and make the space look entirely refreshed! Choose an eggshell finish, more shiny and neat.

Protect Yourself from Overspray!

This part will make it seem like spraying is super difficult and time intensive, but try not to stress too much, especially if this is a DIY project. Even if you do overspray, it’s pretty easy to clean up. 

  • First, remove everything from the room
  • Tarp everything you cannot remove from the room 
  • Tarp the floor! If you’re worried about slipping, use contractor’s paper
  • To secure the tarps, use tape if needed
  • Ensure you use the tarp on the windows and shut all the doors in the room
  • Wrap off lights in plastic bags (may need external lighting)

Please use safety equipment (googles, respirator, gloves, paint coveralls, shoe protectors) for spraying the ceiling because of gravity of course. 

Priming Basement Rafters

To ensure the paint sticks, you must use primer to all the different surfaces on a basement ceiling. This includes pipes, wood and ductwork. Also, it helps you get to a light colour quicker. If you are planning on painting your ceiling white, you will need to seal the wood using a strong primer. For sealing wood tannins, use a shellac based primer. If you don’t, the knots will show and so will the yellow tannins from the pine wood that is used for framing a ceiling. You will need ammonia clean up time. Now, for a black ceiling, you should still prime everything. However, make sure the primer is tinted gray for better coverage. When you spray the primer, your rafters should immediately look brighter and cleaner. Remember, when you spray, move as quickly as possible. If you stay in one place too long, you will get drips. To ensure full coverage, spray 3 coats of primer. 

Basement Ceiling

Painting Basement Ceiling

After priming, it’s time to paint! You will need a lot less paint than primer because the rafters and beams soaked up a lot of primer. Spray using the same technique as last time and you will need 3 coats of paint. Although it might not be necessary, stick with up to 3 coats. 

Professional Painters

I know our personal instincts are to do everything ourselves, but who said getting help is bad? Especially for home renovations projects, it would be a lot more helpful to you to seek professional help from professional painters. That way, nothing will go wrong and your home will look as beautiful as ever! Although there is a lot to consider, a little help from experts will go a long way to improving the status of your home. 

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