Benjamin Moore Vinyl Windows and Trims Paint

Benjamin Moore is an excellent option for quality and results when deciding on a vinyl windows and trims paint. There are a plethora of colours to chose from, so narrowing it down can be difficult, but do not fret; scroll down to see the best options available from a brand that values the homeowner and the contractor.

It is difficult to choose just one colour out of this vast selection, but remember, the most important thing is to go for what you want. No one else’s opinion matters as your home is a representation of yourself.

Benjamin Moore Vinyl Windows and Trims Paint

Benefits of Benjamin Moore Vinyl Windows and Trims Paint

While you may be thinking of looking at different companies for reasons such as price, palettes or past reliability, Benjamin Moore vinyl windows and trim paints offers the most diverse colours compared to any other company. Other than just the colour selection, some other benefits of choosing this brand include:

  • 1. Longevity: this paint is guaranteed to last at a premium level. Harsh weather conditions are not enough to keep this paint from sticking onto your vinyl!
  • 2. Cost: Benjamin Moore is a premium paint company while offering affordable prices for everyday customers. There’s paint for everyone who has different budgets; you will find the best one for you and your wallet with this company.
  • 3. Specificity: Benjamin Moore has a staggering 75-hue colour for vinyl specifically. With so many options to choose from, it may be hard for you to pick just one!

Historical Colours

A blast from the past, your vinyl windows and trims can have more gravitas. With this broad selection of palettes, this paint line is for those who appreciate history and want to honour it, even in the most minor ways with exterior painting. Some popular colours included in this line include:

  • 1. Adams Gold
  • 2. Henderson Buff
  • 3. Shaker Beige

These colours can be used in traditional and modern homes. Inspired by America’s historic landmarks, pay tribute to history by selecting this line by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore vinyl window and trims paint
Vinyl windows and trims paint Seashell Benjamin Moore


Seashell is a natural colour offered at Benjamin Moore that appears as a calming oasis to compliment your vinyl windows and trims. It is a neutral shade that allows for a minimalist look on your alongside your house. This is a popular colorway in 2021; homeowners tend towards neutral colours. They never go out style due to their simplicity.


While the name implies all-you-can-eat sushi, this colourway is great for vinyl windows and trims. This colour is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Affinity Colour collection. It has a light green hue that lightens over time. So do not be scared; this colour is for those who want to add a little spice to their home exterior and go well with modern homes.

Vinyl windows and trims paint Wasabi by Benjamin Moore
Vinyl windows and trims paint deep rose

Deep Rose

Red is a colour that has a lot of meanings. Whether you want fierceness, boldness or a romanticized exterior, Deep Rose by Benjamin Moore offers all these traits and much more. This is a part of the Colour Preview line and is the most striking out of them all. It goes well with brick exteriors; painting vinyl windows and trims with Deep Rose offers a remarkable nuance between a red brick exterior and the windows to satisfy the homeowner’s eye.

Alexandria Beige

This colour is another part of the historical collection at Benjamin Moore. A deep brown that goes well with almost any other neutral shade offers a historical feel while also being incredibly modern at the same time. Furthermore, this colour is not only for vinyl windows and trims paint; it is a brilliant colour to feature in one’s living room, dining room, kitchen and even a front door! So, if you want a classic colour that is not as flashy, Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore is the way to go.

Vinyl windows and trims paint Alexandria Bridge Benjamin Moore

Still on the fence?

It is pretty challenging to decide on which company to choose for vinyl windows and trims paint. But rest assured, Benjamin Moore is the best of the best within the painting world. This company was founded in 1883, that time span being dedicated to accurate results and happy customer service.

The colours mentioned above were the most popular in current trends; you cannot go wrong with any colour you pick for vinyl windows and trims paint; with that being said, have fun searching and enjoying the process with this great company!

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