10 Most Common House Painting Defects Plus Remedies – Part 1

Most Common House Painting Defects and their remedies

10 Most Common House Painting Defects Plus Remedies – Part 1

A freshly painted house exudes freshness, newness, and cleanliness. Aside from that, depending on the colours chosen, it helps set the mood, offering coolness, exhilaration, and a sense of completeness.

However, some issues can arise during or after the house painting or commercial painting process. Understanding the reasons for some of these flaws might make the painting process go more smoothly.

Let us look at some of the most prevalent house painting defects. Read on!

1. Peeling and Blistering

  • •Blistering and peeling are flaws caused by the expansion of the paint layer. The swelling is produced by an air bubble beneath the paint coat due to moisture, oil, or grease.
  • •If it is caused by moisture, it is referred to as peeling; if it is caused by oil and grease, it is referred to as blistering.
  • •Blistering and peeling are caused by improper timber seasoning, the use of too much oil in the final coat, trapped gases between paint applications, and other factors.
  • •These flaws may be avoided by utilizing porous paints such as emulsion paints rather than non-porous paints such as oil paints, enamel paints, and so on.
Peeled off ceiling

2. Bittiness

  • •Bittiness is a painting defect that refers to the minute particles of extraneous material, most commonly dust, grit, broken paint skin, and bristle pieces from brushes.
  • •Allow the coating to harden before rubbing it down gently with fine waterproof abrasive paper, ideally wet, and recoat with fresh paint using clean tools.

3. Cissing

  • •This term refers to a flaw in which freshly applied paint recedes from the surface, creating tiny craters or bare spots. The most common reason is surface contamination, such as grease, oil, wax polish, or silicones.
  • •When water-thinned paints are placed over glossy or semi-gloss oil-based coatings, cissing can develop. It is avoided by keeping the surface clean and flattening oil-based coatings before applying water-thinned materials.
  • •When cissing occurs, the paint must be allowed to harden before being wiped down and applied with a fresh coat of paint.
Interior Painting Hallway
Interior Painting Living Room
Interior Painting Bathroom

4. Cracking (Checking, Crocodiling, Crazing)

  • •Cracking might be due to system ageing and subsequent embrittlement, movement (e.g., expansion or contraction) in the substrate, or the application of hard-drying coatings over softer ones.
  • •Surface cracking, checking, or crazing can occasionally be repaired by rubbing down, filling as needed, and recoating. The surface must be scraped and stripped in extreme situations when the fractures extend through the whole thickness of the layer.

5. Rust Damage

  • Defects in a paint film that may be traced back to rust growing underneath the coat are caused chiefly by poor metal preparation, notably incomplete removal of mill scale.
  • •Breakdowns are typically characterized by blistering or cratering, followed by a complete breakdown, characterized by wholesale lifting and flaking.
  • •Before repainting, the paint damage and mill scale must be removed entirely.
  • •It is also necessary that the surface be dry. Priming paint should be applied soon after preparation, using a suitable primer and appropriate paint systems.

Paint jobs may go awry for a variety of reasons. Most errors are ascribed to technique, while some are caused by events beyond our control, such as significant weather fluctuations. You can better prepare for your next painting project if you know the most common painting defects and how to remedy them.


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