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Painting Your Walls and Refinishing Your Floors—What to Know?

Painting Your Walls and Refinishing Your Floors—What to Know_

Painting Your Walls and Refinishing Your Floors—What to Know?

If you’re thinking about renovating a part of your home soon, it’s vital to develop a carefully constructed plan to guarantee everything will work out the way you want it to go.

You must know the essentials, such as what materials to use, professionals to hire, and more.

One essential home remodelling project is repainting your interior walls. However, you have to choose your decisions well because other factors are involved, such as your flooring.

Often, interior painting and refinishing floors go together.

When homeowners initiate the building project and start hiring painters, they must decide whether to repaint the walls or refinish the floors.

If you’re facing the same situation, keep reading below to find out what you should do first to achieve the best results.

Painting Your Walls After Refinishing Floors

There are numerous advantages to refinishing your floors before painting your walls. Many homeowners can agree that once their floors are finished, it’s easier for them to match the colour of their walls to their flooring compared to doing the opposite.

Moreover, when damage occurs on the walls due to floor sander, it takes less time and is faster to repair and paint over the walls instead of fixing the floors. After refinishing the floors, the dust from the sanding will not impact your newly painted walls.

However, disadvantages of refinishing your floors before painting your walls include the possibility of the wall paint dripping onto your recently finished flooring. You can prevent that from happening by placing drop cloths over your entire floor section to avoid accidents.

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Painting Your Walls Before Refinishing Floors

If you wish to refinish your floors after painting your walls, the good thing about it is you can easily take care of accidental paint splatters by sanding them off. The same goes for other accidents involving residential painting, which you can easily take care of through sanding.

After interior painting, if the paint stains raw wood, it will be harder to remove than if the paint spilled over finished surfaces. Meanwhile, you will have to cover your painted walls if an expert sands the floors because the dust produced could affect your freshly painted walls.

A common reason why people wish to have their walls painted before going over their flooring is that when paint drips or stains newly refinished floors, it will be more challenging to address.

Meanwhile, doing the opposite is much easier to solve.

What to Do for Your Home Remodeling Project

Whether you wish to paint your walls or refinish your floors first, your decision lies in your situation, including your preferences. Initiating floor refinishing is semi-permanent, so if paint stains your flooring, it will likely stay on it and will be hard to sand it out.

Besides, when you refinish your floors first, after deciding if you want it glossy, semi-glossy, or have a particular colour, you can paint your walls accordingly to match your flooring.

You can always choose to refinish your floors before painting your walls, but you must remember to use a canvas drop cloth or anything to cover and secure your flooring to avoid unwanted paint drips.

Performing a home remodelling project is always exciting to do because you witness your space change before your eyes.

Whether you wish to repaint your walls or refinish your floors first, it is crucial to do it right to avoid experiencing accidents.

The best way to go about it is to hire the right professionals to take over the job so that you can rest assured your floors and walls will look perfect, just the way you want them to be.

You could reach out to companies and ask for painting quotes to better understand how much money you’re prepared to shell out to achieve a newly improved interior for your home.

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