10 Most Common House Painting Defects Plus Remedies – Part 2

Most house painting or commercial painting projects go off without a hitch, but things don’t always go as planned.

Here are some of the most frequent painting flaws, their causes, and how to fix them.

Most Common House Painting Defects and their remedies

6. Sheariness (Flashing)

The presence of visible roughness or uneven sheen in a matte or mid-sheen paint finishes, particularly when viewed from a low or glancing angle.

Also, when shear is visible, it is usually at the “laps” of joins between adjacent pieces of work, and a typical reason is a failure to join up before the “wet edge” has been set. Sheariness may also be caused by variations in the porosity of the surface.

Thus, light flatting and an additional coat plus avoiding the preceding application flaw will typically correct the issue. In vast regions, roller application is less likely to result in sheariness than brushing.

7. Saponification

Saponification is the effect of alkali on oil-based paints in the presence of moisture. Mild attacks cause the paint to soften and maybe discolour; severe attacks can entirely damage the paint.

Saponification of oil-based paints are caused by alkali in moist cement, concrete, lime plaster, asbestos, or similar materials and contact with alkaline solutions.

When saponification occurs, the surface must be scraped, cleaned, and dried adequately before repainting. Non-saponifiable specialty coatings may be necessary if the paint is anticipated to come into contact with alkaline solutions, as in some industrial situations.

8. Settlement

  • Long-term storage causes the solid ingredients of paints, mainly the pigment, to settle out.
  • •The opacity and other qualities of the paint may be compromised if the settling material is not adequately reincorporated. For minor amounts of paint, thorough stirring with a broad-bladed stirrer using a lifting and thumping action is helpful.
  • •A mechanical agitator is suitable for massive amounts. Flipping the containers at regular intervals will make a significant difference when storing paints that are known to settle.

9. Opacity

The inability of a paint system to conceal or erase the colour of the original surface or preceding paint.

It might be caused by employing too few applications, using an incorrect undercoat, excessive spreading, or uneven paint application. Other causes include excessive paint thinning and a failure to mix settled pigment by vigorous stirring. 

More coats must be applied to correct the problem while avoiding any previous flaws in thinning, stirring, or application.

interior wall painting

10. Yellowing

•In conditions where direct sunlight is restricted or absent, all oil-based paints are prone to fading. Yellowing can also occur in environments containing trace levels of ammonia or sulphur chemicals.

•Yellowing conditions may thus exist in many interior situations, particularly in kitchens and adjacent rooms where ammonia and sulphur compounds may be present as combustion products.

•When this form of yellowing occurs, the only way to restore it is to repaint.

•Improving ventilation and boosting direct sunlight, if possible, will assist in keeping the fresh paint from fading. Because the fault is more visible with white paint, it may be preferable to opt for a pastel colour.

There you have it – the top 10 most common painting defects you might encounter on your next house renovation. Having to redo the whole house due to a grave error can be disheartening and costly, which is why we recommend using the proper techniques or hiring a professional painter instead.


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