Drywall Issues That Need Attention. What You Should Know

When it comes to drywall issues, you may have looked at the surface of your walls and ceilings and seen that they’re not as shiny as they used to be. Drywall damage is a common problem in most households and is caused by neglecting the maintenance of these areas. The damage can seem minor, but it can lead to more severe issues.

Some patches are more significant than others, but in most cases the wall does not need to be rebuilt. Since the size of a repair is determined by the number and size of holes. As it turns out, repairing the wall is easier than it first seems. To replace a damaged section of the wall, simply patch in a new one.

typical drywall issues

Typical Drywall Issues

1. Cracks

Just how likely cracks are bound to happen on drywall are dependent on the installation. There are plenty of things that can lead to cracks as a whole. House settlement and temperature fluctuations are two other top reasons.

They usually happen near seams and the likes of ceilings, doors, windows and corners.

They should not be taken lightly or ignored. If that happens, the cracks will only get bigger, which compromises the property’s strength as a whole.

Moreover, the longer even a single crack is left unaddressed, the more expensive damage control and/or repair will be when the proper attention is finally paid to it.

2. Holes

No matter what size they are, holes should be patched or repaired immediately. It can be anything from an accidental piece of furniture falling through to a misplaced nail that was hammered through.

3. Moisture

You don’t really think about water when it comes to walls, so that’s a red flag in itself. Hence, water isn’t associated with construction in general. When plaster gets exposed to water, it can get pretty delicate or brittle or whatnot.

Still, when plaster gets a whole lot of water exposure. It will end up going back to its original, mucky, unstable form that’s best described as pasty.

Drywall is usually exposed to water in cases of flooding, plumbing leaks, or a roof leak.

4. Mould

Mould growth is inevitable when water and drywall end up mixing up somehow. They can end up starting to come about in panel cores.

That environment is usually a moist one, with moisture feeding on organic materials and top paper layers. The former usually come into the equation because they are usually added to the plaster when it’s being made.

5. Termites

While it may seem like termites will basically eat an entire drywall away, evidently, that’s simply NOT TRUE. They don’t eat the plaster. However, they will absolutely decimate the paper layers like there’s no tomorrow.

That’s a problem because the paper is also involved in the walls being painted. So if paper damage ends up manifesting, there will also be paint damage.

Drywall is a great material for homes but they are also rather prone to damage. Repairs are usually done through patching; it’s important to know common issues. This includes mold, holes and termites.

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