How Water Damage Impacts Your Walls

Know the impacts of water damage to your walls

When an in-home disaster occurs and your walls sustain some water damage, mould tends to appear and spread quickly. It can only take 24 to 48 hours, as damp walls are the perfect conditions for mould to thrive. Water damage can impact your walls in many ways, and it needs immediate attention from you as a homeowner.

Here’s what you should do when water damage occurs.

How do I know when water damage has occurred?

Water damage is not always a dramatic emergency. Sometimes if a pipe bursts or your basement floods, you’ll know immediately that there will be some damage. Water damage can also happen over time and be less detectable until there’s a significant issue. When it comes to mould growth, the same can be true. Many homeowners don’t realize there is an issue until it’s a significant problem.

Here are some indicators that water damage has occurred in your home:


  • The walls appear wet. If you’ve experienced some plumbing issues and there’s a significant amount of water, your walls will look wet and damp.
  • Stains. Stains will be the primary indicator of water damage and mould growth for slow leaks. If you see stains that have reached a yellow or brown shade, you’ll know that they have likely started growing mould.
  • Deterioration. When the walls start to deteriorate, you have a water damage problem. Cracks, paint peeling, wrinkles, and sagging are indicators that your walls are starting to bow and bulge under the pressure of water damage. 
  • Odour. Sometimes mould can be undetectable just by taking a closer look at your walls. If you smell the musty mould smell and can’t find a source, you likely have some mould growing in your walls. 
  • Discoloration. If you’ve noticed that your walls are turning black, grey, brown, green, or white, then the water damage and mould is a deep-rooted issue. 

Preventing Mold Growth

Once you’ve cleaned up the water, you will want to do your best to prevent the mould from having a place to grow. Once mould has made your walls its home, you’ll have a more expensive problem on your hand, as the drywall will need to be entirely replaced to prevent the spread.

The first step is to try to control the dampness. Moisture is mould’s preferred environment, so try to get rid of the water. Clean up any water from the source and provide your space with plenty of ventilation to try and clear out any potential moisture in the walls. You’ll want to wipe your walls down to try and manually remove any excess water.

If you’re too late and you notice some mould growth, you can try to scrub it off immediately. Never procrastinate any kind of clean-up attempts when it comes to your walls and water damage, as it can have lasting damage.

Suppose you only had a little mould growth that you could easily take care of. In that case, we always recommend repainting your home with high-quality paint that is moisture-wicking. Using a type of paint with this quality will help prevent future mould growth.

Health Concerns Caused by Mould Exposure

While mould is impossible to eradicate entirely unless your home has had some water damage, it’s likely not be something you really worry about as a homeowner. Mould spores travel through the air, in dust, and outdoors, and it becomes a problem when they find a moist place to land and begin to spread.

You should be fine if you have proper ventilation and your home doesn’t have excess moisture. Suppose you’re finding that musky mould smell or are experiencing health issues. In that case, you might have some water damage or unwanted moisture you need to find.

Mould definitely has the potential to cause health issues, especially if you are immuno-compromised. The spores produce allergens, toxic substances, and irritants. If you come in contact with mould, either through breathing it in or touching it, you may find you have an adverse reaction to it. Symptoms could include red eyes, rashes, sneezing, runny nose, and fever.

It’s common to have an allergic reaction to mould. Many people who have asthma will have an adverse reaction to mould exposure. Suppose you or one of your family members is sensitive or has asthma. In that case, it’s essential to ensure you prevent mould growth as early as possible.

One of the more severe conditions mould exposure can lead to is called Aspergillosis. Caused by Aspergillus mould, it can lead to severe reactions in people with allergies or weakened immune systems. This condition can lead to serious bronchial and fungal infections in the worst-case scenario.

Impact on Your Walls

If your walls have sustained water damage and mould growth, it will likely require drywall replacement. Cleaning up the water and giving it a fresh coat of paint isn’t always the answer, as a fresh paint job is not a cure for mould growth. Since mould growth can go undetected until it’s a massive issue, it’s best to be proactive and replace the affected drywall.

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