Do It Yourself Painting Basics: Prepping Your Exterior For Winter

Prepare Your Home For Winter With These Home Improvement Tips From Home Painters Toronto


It seems like every year the cost of heat and power for your house get higher and harder to manage.  With energy costs on the rise, it is definitely beneficial to spend the time and the investment to winterize your home. Simple modifications can make a drastic changes in your energy consumption. Sealing windows that leak air and water, adding insulation, cleaning furnaces and protecting water pipes, can save you a lot of hassle in the winter months, when it will be already too late to prevent the problems.

 Bottom line…Start Winterizing BEFORE its cold:


  • Winter appears before you know it and cold weather can cause serious damage to your home (and wallet).

  • First thing, insulate if you haven’t already. Attics are notorious for letting out hot air when poorly insulated.

  • Caulk any cracks in door frames and windows. You’d be surprised how much cold air can sneak in here.

  • Apply weather stripping to doors and windows on the exterior

  • Ensure all flashing areas around garage roofs and bay windows have been caulked and sealed.

  • make sure storm windows are all sealed up as well.  Or, broken ones are repaired before the cold weather comes

 Update Your Windows:



  • Old style windows may let in cold air.  Either replace them or make sure they are thoroughly caulked and sealed.

  • Make sure there are no double pane windows that have condensation or broken vapour seals.  If so, have a window glass specialist come in and replace them.  This can cause cold air to come in.

 Winterize your water pipes:


  • Nothings worse than having frozen water pipes when getting ready for work in the morning.

  • Costly to repair frozen pipes

  • wrap pipes that are in basement/crawl spaces or garages with foam insulation, heat tape or pipe wrap.

    • Foam insulation: description

    • Heat Tape: description

    • Pipe Wrap: description

Other Winter Preparation Tips from Home Painters Toronto


  • Do a thorough check of the exterior door frame openings or any other areas that lead into the house.  Caulking and sealing these areas are crucial to prevent heat loss and water leaking

  • Next time it rains check for any water overflow in the eaves troughs and downspouts.  This is really important so water runs away from the house and not into the foundation causing a potential basement flood.

  • If you have a roof that’s low enough (ie. a bungalow) see if you can check all the roof vents, valleys, and any roof openings to ensure they are all caulked and sealed.  If not either caulk it or get a roofer to help you.  If the house is too high either call a roofer or handyman to help you with this.

  • Same goes for bricks and aluminum siding.  Make sure any cracks are sealed/caulked as well.


Sounds like a lot of things to do?  It can be.  But winterizing your Toronto home to combat the costs of frigid winters in Canada can help you save money, keep you warm, keep the water outside where it belongs, and have a more peaceful problem free home all year around.

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