Day Spa Interior Design Ideas

Paint colour can communicate a powerful message, especially in places where the atmosphere is so very important. It’s remarkable how colour can affect our mood so intensely. Which is exactly why it’s so important to take that into account when thinking about painting your day spa and interior design ideas. Not only do you want to make sure that your day spa is full of luxurious smells, candles, bath oils and even some greenery. When you add a little bit of nature into your day spa, that can immediately work to calm the soul. But the ultimate component for mood is always paint colour. It really works to set the whole tone.

One interior design suggestion for your day spa are to go with subtle and soothing shades. Don’t be afraid of adding in enhancing features such as beautiful crown moulding as well. It will only help to add elegance to the space. We’ve detailed all of the best and fitting interior paint colour choices below for your day spa. As far as interior design ideas go all of these colours will fit seamlessly in a day spa. So, let’s pick a colour and let the relaxing begin!

Interior design ideas for your day spa: Shades of Blue

  • Various shades of blue are known to relax the mind and relieve tension. Blue subconsciously reminds us of a clear, tranquil sky or the therapy of the sea.
  • Typically relieving stress and anxiety, the colour blue can also seem as a cooler tone to some, So, be sure to warm the colour down or use lighter tones to really give off those calming colours vibes. A beautiful choice for a nice blue is Buxton Blue because it’s contemporary yet still relaxing to the eye.
  • Various shades of blue in your day spa will also look amazing with white cabinets and a big amazing white bathtub!

Interior design ideas for day spa: Neutrals

  • It’s very important to consider neutrals when you’re considering what colour to paint your day spa. Neutrals will allow for the luxury of your amazing bathtub and the tranquil atmosphere and scents to speak for themselves.
  • Usually when you go into your bathroom and you’re looking to unwind, you want your mind completely clear. A neutral paint colour is the way to achieve this.
  • Chantilly Lace is a nice clean off-white that will allow you to sink right into relaxing mode.
  • If you want the most soothing light grey colour, Whirlpool is a beautiful choice.

Shades of Green and Yellow:

  • Green hues such as light sage green allows one to feel at one with nature. If you paint your day spa Nob Hill Sage, you will find yourself simply slipping right away into this blissful green. 
  • Soft and warm greens can also work to promote balance and harmony. Which is exactly how you want to feel when you step into and out of your day spa! 
  • A light yellow shade is a good colour to pair with light woods because they play seamlessly off each other. Light yellows, like Featherbed can really bring forth good energy into a room. These colours will fill the space with strength, rejuvenation as well as relaxation. 

Light pinks and pastels:

  • Pastel shades evoke a sense of femininity for most people. They also promote a feeling of acceptance and can soothe your worries. When you step into your day spa, that’s exactly how you want to feel: comforted and at ease. 
  • Pastels soften your mood and allow you to take in new thoughts and think optimistically. 
  • If you want to go for a beautiful light and airy pink, First Light possesses a nice sense of tranquility.
  • Going for a more lavender tone, like Lavender Secret is another option. This soft purple is timeless and easy.

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