Day Spa Interior Design Ideas

Day Spa Interior Design Ideas

Paint colour can communicate a powerful message, especially in places where the atmosphere is so important. It’s remarkable how colour can affect our mood so intensely, which is why it’s so important to take it into account when thinking about painting your day spa. Below we have listed a few interior design ideas to help you create the soothing environment often associated with the spa atmosphere.

One interior design suggestion for a salon or day spa are subtle and soothing shades. Colour choices include pale mint green, light yellow, light sky blue, light lavender purple, light grey, and seafoam. As far as interior design ideas go all of these colours would fit really well in a day spa.

Shades of Blue:

  • A day spa painted Interior design Idea

    A day spa painted in blue is a good choice.

    Various shades of blue are known to relax the mind and relieve tension. Blue subconsciously reminds us of a clear, tranquil sky or the therapy of the sea.

  • In some cases, shades of blue can can suppress your appetite. A funny fact is that if you eat from a blue plate you will actually eat less!
  • Typically relieving stress and anxiety, the colour blue can also seem as a cooler tone to some, so be sure to warm the colour down using darker shades as well.

Shades of Green and Yellow:

The interior design in this day spa is just beautiful.

  • Green hues such as sea foam promote energy and liveliness. Depending on what kind of practice you are specializing in at your day spa or salon, you may want to be careful where you paint these colours.
  • Soft and warm greens can promote balance and harmony.
  • A yellowish mossy shade is a good colour to pair with soft greens because it reflects optimism, much like sunshine on a beautiful day. Greens and yellows would be a great interior design idea if you wanted to paint the interior of a gym. These colours will fill the room with energy, strength, and motivation.

Shades of Purple:

Our design ideas will help the business of your day spa for sure.

  • Light purple and lavender shades give off a spiritual vibe and enhance the feeling of wisdom. Surrounding yourself with deeper shades of purple will promote creativity in yourself as well.
  • Choosing a deep purple for an accent wall will dictate the feeling of royalty and appreciation for your clients who come and go at your day spa or salon.

Pastel Shades:

  • Pastel shades evoke trendiness and femininity for most people. They also promote a feeling of acceptance and soothe worry.
  • Pastels soften your mood and allow you to take in new thoughts and think optimistically.

When you decide on painting your day spa your interior design ideas will reflect on your practice and how you treat your day spa clients. There are so many options and design ideas available to you, with different colour choices having a range of possible effects on your customers. Home Painters Toronto knows how important your business is to you, so you can definitely trust them to make the right interior design choices to benefit your day spa. You can even talk to one of their colour consultants and get their feedback and professional opinions.

Day spa painting can be the perfect way to embrace the tranquillity of the services you are providing, and painting with specific colours will help clients envision your business in the most positive way. Give us a call today at 416-494-9095 or email!