How often do you need to paint your exterior?

If you regularly paint your exterior siding, trim and door you can prolong its life. It will also keep your home looking fresh and will really add to your overall curb appeal. The natural elements of weather will wear down the paint on the outside of your home. Therefore it is recommended you paint the outside of your home more than your inside. But, did you know most people change the color and paint on the inside of their home more often? This is likely because they want a change. Plus, a fresh coat of paint really looks good.

• If you have wood siding, it is recommended you repaint it every three to seven years or stain it every four years.

• For stucco exterior you should plan on painting it every six years. Cement fiberboard siding such as Hardboard can last 10 to 15 years before it should need a repaint.

• Aluminum siding should be painted every five years. Painted brick generally just needs to be cleaned and not painted.

Signs It’s Time to Paint Your Exterior

  • • You’ve Reached A Recommended Timeline For Repainting – Regularly repainting your exterior material is key for proper maintenance. Even if any of the below signs are not present, if it’s time to repaint, you should. Properly maintaining exterior paint is much easier than having to repair cracks and bubbles before repainting.
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  • • You Want to Boost Your Curb Appeal – Maybe you do not like the colour of the outside of your house or you are getting ready to sell and want to make your home more visually appealing. Sometimes people paint the exterior of their home simply to make it look better. If you’re not happy with your current colour, that’s one sign it’s time to paint your exterior.
  • • Your Paint is Fading – The exterior of your home is exposed to sun, wind, rain, snow and hail. All of these weather elements can fade the paint on your home.
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  • • Your Paint is Flaking, Bubbling or Cracking – Once again, weather can wreak havoc on your exterior paint. Exposure to UV rays, harsh winters, rapidly changing temperatures, extreme humidity and storms can all contribute to wearing down your paint. Flaking, bubbling or cracking paint can also be a sign of dry rot, wet rot or mould. If you notice flaking, cracking or bubbling paint it is best to repair and repaint right away.

Factors That Affect the Durability of A Paint Job

  • • Weather – Exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, wind and storms can cause paint to wear down. If you live in an area with weather fluctuations or any of the above, you may need to repaint sooner than the general recommended timelines.
  • • Quality of Paint – Some paint is more durable. You can extend your paint job by using a quality product recommended for outdoors. Cheap paint may be less expensive, but generally it is comprised of cheaper ingredients and will not last as long or look as good.
  • • Previous Paint Job – Again, quality is key. If paint is not applied correctly it will not last as long. If only one quote of paint was applied it will not last as long If repairs are not done correctly, the paint job will not last as long. Also, if the house was painted in humid or wet conditions, or too hot or too cold temperatures it will not last as long. The weather and time of year can affect durability.

The Colour – Dark colours tend to fade quicker.

It’s a big job to paint your exterior siding and stucco. You have to plan according to weather and your own timelines.

Painting the outside of a house is typically not something that can be done in one day. You also need to properly repair any cracks, holes and peeling or bubbling paint. Often, exterior painting is best left to those with a lot of experience in painting.

Call our professionals at Home Painters Toronto has been painting the exterior of homes in Toronto for decades. Give us a call on (416) 494 9095. We’d love to give you a quote and tell you more about our painting crews.

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What about deck painting?

Maybe it’s your deck stain or fence painting that needs a bit of refresh. It really depends on what type of condition your deck is in. If there’s been quite a lot of wear and tear over the years due to weather, it will likely need repair work more often. You also need to watch out for peeling paint as well as bubbling and cracking. But for the most part, a decent deck painting or staining job should last you anywhere from 2 – 4 years. Again, if exterior painting isn’t your thing, contact local painters to come in and do a quick refresh on your deck!


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