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Interior Door Painting: Different Styles & Updating Colour

Interior Door Painting: Different Styles & Updating Colour

Interior doors are not only completely functional and necessary, but they can actually offer unique touches to a room. Sure, a lot of us tend to think of doors as large wooden contraptions that simply divide rooms and block noise. But unique interior door painting and choosing your own style can be used to add so much more than that to a room!

renovated room painted light grey with white trim around the door and windows and door painting grey

There’s actually a lot of different interior doors styles to choose from when you really get down to it. Plus, there are so many on trend colours that can really work to give an unexpected pop to a space! So, let’s dig right into interior door painting: different styles & updating colour!

Interior doors styles 

There’s definitely something to be said when it comes to door painting and different interior door styles. There’s actually a lot to choose from and think about when making your decision.

There are the basic hinge doors, which you typically find most people use in the bedrooms or bathrooms. They’re very easy to use and install. They swing back and forth and are usually pretty no fuss. Plus, since they’re so easily maneuvered, you have the luxury of painting them just about any colour!

You also have the very popular sliding barn doors right now too. They’re quite trendy and people use them a lot to bring a rustic vibe to a room. There’s also bi-pass (or sliding doors) that you see in a lot of closets or smaller spaces. The same thing goes with bi-fold doors as well. And you’ll also find pocket doors in some apartment buildings or older homes too!

off white or cream door painting off the hinge

Make it pop!

We do all sorts of things in the world of interior painting in order to make our home spaces stand out. So, if you’ve never thought of interior door painting as a way to make a statement, we’re here to help you make those crucial decisions.

If you really want to add a splash of colour and make things pop, here is the chance to go bold. It’s really popular this season to think of yellow when going bold. Jasper Yellow would be fun for interior door painting in a kids’ bedroom or even a funky bathroom. Going a bit darker with your interior door painting with Slate Teal is another cool option. This bold teal would look amazing for an interior bedroom door or even on the back of a kitchen door or hallway closet!

how to fix peeling paint on ceiling in a condo, how often should your condo be painted

Interior door painting: Tips & tricks

  • Choose your paint. We recommend Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paints in a semi-gloss or satin/pearl finish are the best for interior door painting. You’ll be able to wash your door more effectively if you stay away from an eggshell finish.
  • Decide how you’re going to be painting your interior door. Do you want to paint it in place or by laying it flat? There are benefits to both methods. Although leaving the interior door on its hinges means you can paint both sides at the same time.
  • Make sure to clean the door before painting! Even if your door looks relatively clean, it’s better to give it a thorough scrub with soap and water prior to any door painting.
before and after interior white door painting

Don’t forget about your trim! 

The really fun thing about playing up your new paint job is that you can also update the elements around it. That most definitely includes the trim. It can really make a new colour pop if you stop to think about the colour of your interior door trim as well.

Most traditionally, a lot of people go for a basic white or cream. Which actually works really well if you’re still going more modern with your interior door painting, like Gray Shower. It’s clean, modern and can really help to make your interior door painting stand out that much more!

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