Calming Colours To Paint Your Favourite Space

Have you ever walked into your favourite room at home and didn’t quite feel right. As we grow and live throughout our years, we change as individuals. Not only do our features change, but so do our emotions and tastes. So, if you walk into your living room and you’re suddenly finding the burgundy wall a little too stark, it might be time to look into more calming colours.



The thing about incorporating calming colours into your space is that they have the ability to wholly alter your day. Colours and interior paint actually have that ability. When you have brighter or dark colours in your home, they can work to stimulate your brain a little too much. It’s been proven that surrounding yourself with calming colours works to ease anxiety and relieve stress. So, let’s dig into some of the top calming colours to paint your favourite space!


Calming colours: Blue is a top choice

Blue is one of the most calming colours out there. A lot of people choose from a variety of blues to go in their homes. This past year, deeper blues and dark navy have been more popular. But if you’re going for more serene or relaxing colours, paler blues are the way to go. They’re actually a really great choice for a bedroom. If you put a pale blue in your bedroom, especially if you have trouble sleeping, you might just find yourself more relaxed and ready for a peaceful slumber. Lighter blues like Ice Sculpture also make a great choice for kitchens or living rooms as well. They play well off white or light furniture. And who doesn’t want to feel calm in the busiest rooms in their home?


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Sage green is one of the top calming colours

If you’re looking for some of the most calming colours out there, sage green is another great choice. Maybe it has something to do with the idea of being in nature. Often when we’re outside surrounded by naturalness, it just evokes the most serene feelings. When you bring sage green or lighter greens into your interior painting space, it can just naturally make you feel more at ease. Nob Hill Sage is a beautiful choice for bedrooms, kitchens or even a bathroom. Imagine taking a nice long bath while allowing this calming colour to do its job?


Pinks and light purples will calm your soul

Pinks and purples might not immediately come to mind when you think of calming colours, but it’s all in the softness. If you go for a soft blush or light lavender, you’re likely to find yourself feeling all sorts of serene.

For calming colours that will really work in your space and not overstimulate, you have to keep them muted and light. If you go with a pink that has too much red in it or a purple that’s too dark, it likely won’t have the same effect. Nice soft pinks like First Light or light purples like Lavender Mist, could bring the relaxing vibes to a powder room or even your bedroom.


Calming colours: Keep it neutral

Sometimes when you’re thinking of your favourite room in the house, that can often be a busier space like your kitchen or living room. The great news is that some of your favourite neutral interior paint colours are actually considered calming colours too.


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If you want to go with a nice light grey like Arctic Grey, it can still come off as relaxing and a serene colour. Also, another one of the calming colours that’s still a neutral is tan. The warmth that can come from a tan space, especially if you put it in a cozy room like a den or living room, it can really help to relax you. Check out Hot Spring Stones for a warm neutral yet calming palette.

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