6 Reasons Why Its Crucial to Paint Before The End of Summer

As we bid farewell to summer, one task homeowners like you should place on their to-do lists is painting their homes. The end of summer is the best temperature to paint outsideIt offers significant benefits, particularly in protecting your home from harsh winter conditions. In this blog, we unravel why investing in painting your property at the end of the summer season is essential.

Top 6 Reasons to Consider End-of-Summer Painting

1. Safeguarding Against Wood Rot

Constant exposure to summer’s humidity and heat can take a toll on your home’s woodwork. In particular, windows, doors, and siding bear the brunt, becoming susceptible to rot. Decaying wood significantly compromises not only the aesthetic appeal of your property but also its structural integrity. A fresh coat of paint seals off the wood surfaces, creating a protective barrier against moisture, thereby preventing wood rot.

Rotted Wood Window Sill

2. Curtailing Water Leaks

Water leakage, primarily through windows, can lead to complications. From water stain on ceiling and peeling wallpapers to potential mould and mildew formation. Rainwater can seep into the tiny cracks around windows and doors without the protective shield of exterior paint. End-of-summer painting reduces the possibility of water infiltration by ensuring proper painting and sealing of these areas.

Water Damage

3. Window Caulking and Freezing Temperatures

Caulking windows before the onset of freezing cold weather is beneficial for many reasons. Besides improving your home’s energy efficiency by sealing off draughts, it prevents water from penetrating your home. Painting over fresh caulk ensures it is sealed off from the elements, increasing its effectiveness and longevity.

It’s worth noting that caulk can be difficult to apply in colder weather as it doesn’t adhere well to cold surfaces, making the end of summer an optimal time to apply it.

4. Averting Winter Damage

Winter can be brutally damaging to your property. The cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to cracking and peeling paint, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements.

A solid coat of quality paint acts as an armour that protects your home against these harsh winter conditions. It repels water, guards against freeze-thaw damage, and guarantees that your home can withstand the winter’s wrath.

5. Ideal Weather Conditions

One of the primary reasons why the end of summer is the best time of year to paint a house exterior is the weather conditions. This period typically offers warm and dry days. And these exterior painting temperatures and humidity are essential for the optimum drying of the paint. Painting during a cooler or more humid season can negatively impact the drying process and the overall finish of the paint.

Exterior Painting by Home Painters Toronto

6. Enhancing curb appeal and aesthetics

After enduring harsh summer weather, a fresh coat of paint can restore the vibrancy of your home’s exterior. A freshly painted home not only appears well-maintained but also creates a welcoming and appealing environment.

Additionally, if you’re considering selling your home, a fresh coat of paint applied in late summer helps boost its curb appeal. By completing it before autumn, potential buyers can appreciate your home in its refreshed state, increasing the likelihood of a speedy sale.

Exterior Painting Brick Painting Charcoal Grey Home with Brick And Aluminum Siding

Exterior House Paint Ideas and Tips for Successful End-of-Summer Painting

A. Choose the right paint and colours

• Many different types of paint, including oil, latex, acrylic, and alkyd, can be used for the exterior of a house. Two more things to think about are the primer and the stain. For us, if you clean and prepare the surface well, you can use any type of paint on the outside.

But we usually recommend Benjamin Moore exterior paints like Regal Select Exterior paint in a flat or low-shine finish. Or, if you want to buy Sherwin-Williams exterior paint, you should get their low-sheen paint.

• When deciding on colours, consider tones that complement the changing season while reflecting your home’s style and character.

Painters Painting Exterior Front Door

B. Prepare the surfaces properly

• Thoroughly cleaning, sanding, and priming surfaces before painting ensures better adhesion and longevity of the paint.

• Ensure to scrape away peeling paint, repair cracks or holes, and prime the surfaces to achieve an even and durable finish.

C. Time management and weather considerations

• We advise you to paint at moderate temperatures and steer clear of direct sunlight. Consider starting your painting project early in the day.

• Keep an eye out for sudden weather changes that could disrupt your painting project, and have a backup plan ready.

Painters Prepping the Exterior


In essence, end-of-summer painting forms a proactive approach to preventing potential problems that winter can throw at your home. Painting before the end of summer ensures not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also its structural integrity against potential weather-related damage. So, as summer starts to fade into fall, remember to schedule your painting tasks sooner rather than later. This way, your home can remain beautiful and protected, ready to brave the winter months ahead.

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