How to Fix a Peeling Plaster Ceiling

How To Fix a Peeling Plaster Ceiling

Why is your ceiling paint peeling? There are several factors that can cause this issue. It could have to do with extra moisture or improper painting techniques and practices. We’ll list all the possible reasons further below. Can I Paint Over A Peeling Ceiling? Yes, you can paint over a peeling ceiling. However, it’s important […]

Professional High-Quality Residential Painters in Lawrence Park

Professional High-Quality Residential Painters in Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park is one of Toronto’s most exclusive residential neighbourhoods and one of my favourite to work in. Our clients in Lawrence Park are usually some of the nicest people we work with, with gorgeous homes. This neighbourhood was graded as the wealthiest in Canada (in 2011, at least). And no wonder! Lawrence Park is located […]

5 Tips for Choosing Paint Colours For Small Spaces In Toronto

5 Tips for Choosing Paint Colours For Small Spaces In Toronto

Choosing paint colours to make small rooms or small spaces look bigger is a challenge that a lot of Toronto homeowners encounter. Selecting the right paint colour is a very important process. Colours can be the difference between a small dark room, and a comfortable living space. It is important to choose a paint colour […]

Interior Painting Services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Interior Painting Services in Toronto

At Home Painters Toronto, our Toronto interior painting contractors are experts in staining, indoor painting, wall repair work, ceiling repair and ceiling painting. As well as wallpaper removal or wallpaper installation. Preparation work is the key in each and every painting job. Also, our painters will drop sheets and take care of your rugs and […]

Picking Paint Colour For A Small Condo Bedroom

Picking Paint Colour For A Small Condo Bedroom

Condo living is becoming a real global trend, particularly in metropolitan areas like Toronto and the GTA. However, small bedroom sizes in Toronto condos tend to leave negative impressions despite their enticing offer to taste the modern city lifestyle. Some find condominiums too small to the point of feeling suffocated. Indeed, a lot of people might […]

Toronto Commercial Painters

Toronto Commercial Painters Image

Top Rated Painting Contractor In Toronto and the GTA Are you looking for a credible, professional and affordable commercial painting contractor in Toronto? We are a humble home painting company in Toronto, located near the core of the city. So, what makes Home Painters Toronto a cut above the rest? Let’s delve in and find […]

House Painting Services in Scarborough


Scarborough’s #1 Choice For Home Painting Contractors If you are looking for house painting services near Scarborough, you’ve come to the right place. Our company provides high-quality interior and exterior painting services at affordable prices. We will make sure that your home looks its best before we leave so that you can enjoy your new paint job […]

Accent Wall Ideas and Painting Techniques

Accent Wall Ideas Painting Techniques

If you would like to experiment with interior paint colours or want to create a unique atmosphere, painting an accent wall may be just the ticket! Feature walls work in all areas of the house—from bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms to even the bathroom. They can be such a powerful design choice for a […]

How to Paint Baseboards Next to Your Carpet?


How to Paint Baseboards without Painting Your Carpets? You have a nice, carpeted floor in your room. And, you want to spice up the room with a brand new paint job. However, you are paranoid about getting paint on your newly laid carpet. It can be tricky to paint baseboards (or Paint Doors and Trim) next to […]