Picking Paint Ideas For Bedroom

Picking Paint Ideas For Bedroom

There really is no right or wrong way to pick the colour to paint your bedroom. In the end, it really is all up to you! Really, picking paint ideas for bedrooms in your home should be fun. They can be totally personalized as with bedroom paint, you can strive to make things a little more unique. 

Sometimes the idea of too much choice can put that pressure on you though. You don’t want to make the wrong choice. After all, think about how much time you spend in your bedroom. You likely want it to feel zen and peaceful.

A bedroom is your personal sanctuary for relaxation and intimacy. Whether it’s a master’s bedroom, guest room, nursery, or just thinking of small bedroom paint ideas, the wall colour indicates what you want to feel in the room. So, without further adieu, let’s dig into picking paint ideas for the bedroom!

How do I Pick a Paint Colour for My Bedroom?

Think about how you want to feel when you step inside your bedroom every day. Or how you want to feel when you step out of bed in the morning. Let’s say you want to create a relaxing little oasis, you might want to think of more calm colours. If you need a good boost in the morning time, you can go a little bright!

For many people, soothing and calm colours are not only the best bedroom colours for couples but also classic bedroom paint colours.

Calm bedroom paint colours can make you feel calm and relaxed. You can achieve this by picking a calm bedroom colour scheme using soft colours like blue, green and gray. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try something like pale pink or yellow. If you have children or pets that might be spending time in your bedroom, consider using a calming paint colour like lavender or light blue to avoid any tantrums when it comes to sharing space!

However, you may prefer deep, saturated, and even bright colours to keep you feeling more awake, romantic, and alert.

What Colours are in for bedrooms in 2022?

Bright colours are the trend now for bedroom colours in 2022. Set the right mood by thinking about how to pick colours for bedroom walls from these top colours for the bedroom.

If you already have a bed frame and dresser already set up in your bedroom that you’re quite fond of, simply work from there. Think of their overall style and aesthetic and what would fit in seamlessly with your already existing decor. Stopping to consider the bedding as well as the lighting in the room doesn’t hurt either.

If you wonder, “How to pick a paint colour for my bedroom?” these are the types of things you’ll want to start with.

Interior Painting Wallpaper Red Textured Wallpaper in Bedroom

Paint Ideas for Bedrooms: Consider your Dimensions

There’s nothing worse than not considering your space when you’re thinking of different bedroom paint ideas. Small bedroom paint ideas are always a challenge because you want something that looks good and feels like it fills the space. But you also don’t want to spend too much money or time on it.

If your bedroom doesn’t have that much space, it might be best to consider a lighter colour. Barely Beige is a beautiful, light, and airy colour that adds just the right amount of colour to a space.

Neutral colours are clean backdrops for bedrooms since they work with other intense colours in drapes, bedding, carpeting, and wall frames. Neutral-painted walls will make you let loose by using accentuating vibrant colours and patterns to transform your personal space. If you choose to keep your bedroom all neutral, then you might want to consider adding layered bedding and textured accessories for a well-harmonized theme.

Learning how to choose neutral bedroom colours suggests considering the paint’s underlying tones. For example, white colour is rarely simply pure white. The fact is, paints are typically mixed with other hues to create subtle undertones of blue, green, pink, or yellow, for example. You might check out choosing paint colours app to help you with inspiration.

Remember that the undertone needs to match your furnishings, bedding, carpet, and wall frames so everything will feel synchronized with each other. Paint experts at your favourite paint shop can help determine the perfect neutral shade and undertone for your bedroom. Just beware, as too muted neutral colour is going to make your room look dark and significantly smaller.

Moving on to something eye-stopper and not so simple room colour scheme. A bedroom with a pastel wall colour can exude a subtle elegance and is probably the best bedroom paint colour in 2022.

Just find the sophisticated side of pastels by blending and matching a few washed-out colours that you would find in a preferred quilt. Including light grey beddings and accessories, becoming influenced by watery seaside hues. You might also add a little spice to your bedroom with lights and darker furnishings on the walls.

If you’re into vibrant and intense bedroom colours and moods, you might want to paint your bedroom walls with bold colours to bring a smile to your face. Embrace the lively atmosphere if you’re energetic and enjoy being surrounded by saturated colours.

For instance, give deep spring green walls a try if you love bright, fresh interiors. You just have to experiment with vibrant bedroom colour combinations photos. You may also check bedroom painting ideas with two colours: dark green and coral or warm yellow and blush pink.

Remember that light colours make an area appear bigger. In contrast, darker colours somehow create an illusion that the bedroom appears smaller. If there’s a lot of natural light going into your bedroom, the room can appear bigger. Also, if you’re able, try to consider your bedroom ceiling as well. It can totally open up a space to slap a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling. You’ll walk into your bedroom and suddenly find it feels two times the height. That’s another thing to think about in terms of bedroom paint ideas.

Top Tips for Paint Ideas for Bedroom

Consider what’s already in your room. Your bed, linens, other furniture, artwork and curtains. Looking at your overall existing vibe can help to lead you in a new direction. Colour match your bedroom wallpaper and paint by picking a shade within the wallpaper style for your paint colour, which will help to link the 2 for a more synchronized appeal.

Try to decide on an overall colour concept. Do you want to go neutral? Or is going bold in the bedroom more your thing? Perhaps you want to keep things minimal and have a more serene colour.

Try a mix of painted gorgeous panelling wallpaper for your master bedroom paint ideas. Adding just a few panels of floral wallpaper or geometric shapes into plain paintwork is a great way to add visual interest without overdesigning the space. And as just a couple of lengths of wallpaper are needed, it can be a smart move to incorporate your preferred pattern without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Painting bedroom furniture and fixtures with a new colour is a smart method of breathing life into thrift shop purchases that indeed looks great in the past. An easy way to shorten the prep work is to utilize chalk paint for the task. Chalk paint is self-sealing and self-levelling, giving exceptional coverage with less effort.

Boxy bedrooms that lack architectural details can feel boring and featureless. A creative visual technique can be to use paint to produce an accent detail that will give the room a focal point. It never hurts to just do an accent wall! A bedroom can work really well for an accent wall. It can be just the right amount of colour for a room and add a nice sense of playfulness.

Interior Bedroom Accent Wallpaper

Popular Paint Ideas For Bedroom

When thinking of how do I pick a paint colour for my bedroom, think of your needs. If you have trouble sleeping, one of the best paint colour ideas for sleep is yellow. Golden Straw 2152-50  is one of the top paint colours of the season as it’s lightly golden and rich to the eye. A lot of people find that by having happy colours in their bedroom can really make a positive impact on their sleep.

If you want a bit more colour for your bedroom paint, consider a nice shade of indigo blue, like Prussian Blue CW-625. It goes really beautifully with white or cream ceilings or accent pieces as well.

Shades of lilac and lavender are big for bedroom paint ideas this year. Whisper Violet 2070-70 is such a pretty choice for the bedroom. It’s light yet completely luscious while still soothing to the eye.

Another colour for bedroom paint ideas that would make a statement is Rojo Dust SW 9006. This light dusty red would be ideal for individuals who want to walk into their bedroom and feel like they’re receiving a warm embrace! It would look so great with more natural wood side tables and dressers too.

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