6 Reasons Your Wall and Ceiling Paint Keeps Peeling

Know the reasons why your wall and ceiling keeps peeling

One of the most annoying and problematic things a homeowner can face is paint peeling. It doesn’t look good, and it makes a mess. More importantly, it can even cause some health issues as it results in paint dust, chips, and other unsanitary debris.

It’s important to amend this issue as soon as possible, but there are various causes to why paint might peel off one’s walls or ceiling. Knowing the cause is just as necessary to prevent the same problem from recurring.

So, what could be the reason the paint keeps peeling in your home?

1 – Water Damage Affected the Area

If your wall or ceiling gets too much water, the paint gets penetrated and eventually starts to separate from the surface. You’ll see heavily waterlogged areas with bulging and peeling paint throughout the surface.

This can happen with leaks, floods, and flashing, among other things. Sometimes, even if you just splash a surface a little too often, you’ll start to see this effect.

2 – There Is Too Much Humidity and Condensation

Do you notice your bathroom ceiling peeling? It may be due to too much humidity and condensation. If your bathroom is not well-ventilated, moisture builds up on your walls and ceiling, leading to cracking and chipping.

A more problematic possibility is the presence of mould and mildew, which thrive in damp spaces. If these are growing underneath your paint coat, it will push the paint off the surface.

3 – The Surface Was Unclean Before Being Painted On

Paint and dirty surfaces do not agree with each other. If your walls or ceiling was not cleaned before applying paint, it will likely just bubble and fall off.

This is because the oil, grease, and dirt build-up blocks any adhesion from the paint.

4 – There Is Constant Sun Exposure and Heat

Intense sunlight is a real challenge for any type of paint. If the mixture is oil-based, then it is likely to start cracking from the exposure. For elastic and latex paints, sun exposure causes them to contract and expand. This makes their adhesive bonds get weaker over time.

With sun exposure comes the heat, which also weakens certain paint adhesives. Any constant exposure to high heat, such as from cooking areas, also hurts new paint. It makes their adhesive bond weak from the start.

5 – The Paint Is Not Adherent to the Surface

Not all types of paint are compatible with every surface. The wrong combination will result in poor adhesion that can cause flaking and chipping pretty quickly. You have to think about curing and chemical reactions, so research should really be done before picking a paint type.

Make sure you ask professionals or search online about the best kind of paint mix to use for the surface you have in mind.

6 – The Surface Has Been Improperly Prepped

You can’t just pick a surface and then start painting over it right away. Aside from cleaning it up, you need to make sure it is smooth and primed.

If this action has been skipped, blistering will happen pretty quickly.

So, if you’ve got old or new paint peeling off, these are the most likely causes. If you can pinpoint why the paint is peeling, you can adjust accordingly and make some changes. More often than not, it’s a completely solvable issue as long as you get to it.


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