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3 Things That You Didn’t Know You Could Paint

Painter painting exterior bricks

Are you thinking about replacing your driveway? What about getting new siding for your shed? Or, even more – do you need a new pool because yours is looking kind of dull?

You may want to reconsider replacing these things once you realize they are easily repaired with these simple painting tips! Repainting can be quicker and way less costly than fully replacing these items.

Painting Your Driveway, Shed, and Pool

Driveway: Repaint, Repair, and Save

Let money be your motivation when you put in your time and some elbow grease to transform your driveway by painting it. If those scuff marks and cracks are really making you want to have it resealed, try repairing the individual flaws first. And then find concrete driveway paint to paint right over your existing driveway surface! This will save you from needing to repave your driveway for another year.

Painting your driveway will improve the appearance of your whole front lot! Driveways take a lot of harsh weather blows. Just like the roads we drive on – and inevitably, we’ll need to repair our asphalt driveway to extend its life. There is no need to have it re-paved!

Shed: Paint It Red!

So many of us look past this option, but if you can paint your house, then why not paint your shed too? Depending on which exterior siding you have on your shed, you can easily replace broken boards. And find the right paint to totally transform the look of your old shed into a brand-new one!

If you have a wood shed, before painting it. Make sure that you apply a protective coat over it to seal it from pests and waterproof it. Be sure to scan over and sand the surface to repair any issues first, and just like painting the exterior of your Toronto home. You’ll need to apply a primer so that your new paint will look flawless!

Painter painting exterior porch

Pool: Yes, You Can Paint it!

Not many people realize that you can actually paint your swimming pool. And WOW is it worth it when you consider what the cost of replacing the liner would be versus a full pool painting cost! It goes without saying, but I’ll just mention it anyway:

          •For pool painting preparation, make sure you have the pool drained before you get started on painting it.

          •When the pool is drained, you can find any holes or cracks and repair them with hydraulic cement.

          •Remove the old paint with a pressure washer or a scraper and clean any existing debris or dirt. Using tri-sodium phosphate (You can buy it from Home Depot).

Now that we’ve got our base ready for paint, let’s talk about what kind of paint you should use for your project.

There are several different types available today—and all of them have their own pros and cons when it comes to longevity and durability—but epoxy pool paints are currently considered some of the best options out there!

So what makes them so great?

Well, for starters, they’re super durable and can last for many years—even in the harsh conditions of a swimming pool. Epoxy pool paint also comes in a variety of colours that are fade-resistant and provide UV protection, which means it will last for years without fading or chipping away.

Painter painting garage door

So, how to paint a swimming pool with epoxy paint? The process is actually quite simple. You’ll need a clean, smooth surface and some epoxy pool paint and acrylic paint (for the damp surfaces you can’t avoid), mix up some epoxy paint according to the directions on the can and apply it to your pool using a roller brush or sprayer and you’ll have a pool that looks brand new – without draining your savings account!


Do your research before painting because you’ll need to be sure that you take the right steps to prepare and complete your driveway, shed, and/or pool!


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Little did you know that you could save a ton of money and have a beautifully updated driveway, shed, or pool! With the information you now have about the 3 Things That You Didn’t Know You Could Paint – now you know that you can!

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