There usually comes a time when your kids start to grow up and ultimately outgrow their current bedroom decor. It completely makes sense that when they get to a certain age, their interests change. What they used to love, whether it be cars or Disney or whatever the case may be, aren’t going to be the same as when they were five years old. So, whether or not they come to you or you notice it on your own, it might be time to modernize your kids bedroom.


There are lots of simple ways to modernize your kids bedroom as well. Whether you decide to get new bedding for them that’s more age appropriate. Or maybe a couple new furniture pieces from Ikea that will mature with them. But most importantly, you can modernize your kids bedroom with some fresh interior painting! Let’s go through all the ways in which this can go.

How to decorate your kids bedroom

This one can be a bit of a tough question when it comes to a lot of parents out there. They want to give their kids a say in what’s featured in their room, but they also want a comfortable and functional space. Sometimes you need to tow that line a bit and just help guide them along. After all, as parents, you’re privy to knowing their interests, favourite colours and what they’re into.

decorate kids bedroom


A fun thing to do to modernize your kids bedroom and bring them out from those more juvenile years, is to play with colour. It’s likely that when they were a baby, you decided to go with either a blue, pink or even a yellow room in terms of paint colour. Now that they’re a little bit older, it’s the perfect time to incorporate more mature paint colour choices. Let’s dig into which ones might be the right choice for your kids bedroom!

Modernize your kids bedroom with neutrals

Think about the spaces in your home where you want the look to last several years and not go out of style. Rooms like your living room or kitchen tend to be styled best with neutral paint colours. And that’s for a lot of reasons, but mostly, it’s because they’re neutral, pleasing to everyone and you will enjoy them for years.

modernize kids bedroom with neutrals


If you’re looking to go with a good neutral paint colour to modernize your kids bedroom, you really can’t go wrong with a nice grey. Smoke is a beautiful cool grey that almost has a hint of blue to it. On the other side of things, a nice taupe will likely last through their teen years as well. Smokey Taupe is a good choice because it’s not too dark and you can play up an array of other colours with accent pieces.

Sometimes you need a punch of colour!

In terms of interior painting and modernizing your kids bedroom, we’re not talking about those bright yellows and greens from when they were a baby. There are so many amazing interior paint colours out there that will add some modern personality but still give them time to mature. For instance, this beautiful light almost mossy green, Crystalline from Benjamin Moore, could work perfectly. It would look so nice with light or natural wood features as well.

If you want to go a bit darker, Blue Danube is the most stunning dark teal. If you’re afraid of going all out, you can make it an accent wall in a kids bedroom as well. Also, for those who are into pink, First Light is the most soft and airy pink out there right now. It can actually be a really cool alternative to beige or even white walls too.  

Other modern kids bedroom details to consider…

The thing about working to modernize your kids bedroom is to not forget that they are still kids. Sure, you want to revamp it so that it’s a room they can grow into. But don’t forget to still keep it age appropriate with fun little details. If your kids are still on the younger side and need a place to colour or do school work, don’t forget about a desk. This Flisat Ikea desk is a very fun yet functional feature that will help them to be creative too.

Also, you could always add in some decorative artwork from websites like Desenio. You can have your kid or teen help pick out the prints that they like the most that are still modern and cool. Plus, nothing says modern for a kids bedroom quite like some cool artwork hanging on the walls!