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Or perhaps you’re more along the lines of ‘classic’ or ‘modern’ in terms of colour?

Sometimes we just know in our guts where we want to go with our colour choices because there’s an underlying preference there. For a lot of people who are looking to make that decision, there are usually two main schools of thought: modern or classic. 

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2020 Colour trends for homes

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All you need to know about colours!

Colour can be life changing.

It’s simply not just paint on a wall. Colour completely has the ability to affect your mood and how you feel the moment you step foot into a room.

Think of a dark and stormy day outside and how that can impact how you’re feeling and your overall disposition for the day, especially if you have to go out in it. Suddenly, you might feel like completely changing your plans and just staying inside. Or maybe the dark and gloomy sky is making you feel extra sleepy and unproductive. For those rare few, it might have the opposite effect too! The point is that each room in your house, and even on the exterior of your home, works to tell a story with colour. And it’s completely up to you what kind of colour story you want to tell.

Aside from the colours on the colour wheel, this is where we usually move into the realm of neutrals. These colours are often the top tier choices in terms of design because due to their very impartial nature, they work in most spaces and you can often place them with a nice pop of colour and it’s very likely to work.

We have found there are usually two main schools of thoughts in terms of picking out interior paint colours. Ask yourself if in terms of aesthetics and design, are you more of a traditional or classic style person or do your tastes run more modern and contemporary? Sometimes, it’s not quite that simple, but the majority of the time, things can be broken down in this way.

Every year there are lists released which reveal the top or most popular colours of the year. These top picks come from paint manufacturers, colour experts as well as the top designing hubs. It’s actually really exciting to see how things change year to year and just how exactly these new popular colours are being used in different living spaces.

Did you know there’s an actual science behind what each colour has the ability to make you feel? There’s a lot that goes into it as well because you’ll usually find that if you change the saturation of a colour (the strength or weakness of a colour), just that little nudge in a different direction can offer up brand new feelings and emotions.

                               Want to get those creative juices  flowing?                          Consider these colour palettes!
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