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Home Painters Toronto, is the leading professional painting contractor in High Park North

The High Park North is a beautiful

neighborhood located East of the largest park in Toronto. The neighbourhood is derived from the adjacent park called the High Park. Its boundaries include Runnymede Road, Dundas Street West, Bloor Street West, Parkside Drive, The Queensway and Roncesvalles Avenue. The Canadian National and Pacific Railway tracks have parts that form the boundaries as well.


High Park North comprises of a mix of house designs including Edwardian, Victorian and Tudor style houses.

Other homes include condominium apartments and lofts. The designs vary from house to house and feature a wide range of architectural details such as stained and leaded glass, French doors, fireplaces, lush wooden trims, hardwood floors and much more. The condo apartments feature balconies, some of which give a very beautiful view of the Lake Ontario and the High Park.


The neighbourhood is popular with young, middle class families averaging 30-40 years of age. Amongst the features that attract most residents are the good schools, transportation, the kid and animal friendly atmosphere, nature trails, theatres, the zoo, picnic sites and the adventure park. The neighborhood is also within a walking distance to the popular Bloor West Village shopping district.

The High Park North streets are lined with beautiful trees that add to the beauty and cool atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Home Painters Toronto is one of the leading painting contractors who have been painting, maintaining and renovating most of the homes and commercial centers in the whole of the High Park North area.

We understand the neighborhood, the diverse backgrounds of the residents and their unique requirements. Our commitment is to ensure that we make your home, which is one of your valued investments, a warm and inviting place for you and your family.

House Painting Services we provide for you:

Living room painting

Our living room painting services turn your house from its cold, uninviting state, to a warm and inviting place. We start by preparing the room, which involves, moving and covering your household items, covering the floor and parts that won’t be painted. We also remove hardware such as the electrical switches, sockets and, door knobs. We then check and repair all defects, clean the walls and remove stains and other marks, fill in holes, cracks and gaps. After preparation and priming, Home Painters Toronto professional painters will then apply the quality paints and carefully match the colours to highlight the architectural features of your house.

Starting with the ceiling, we then move to the walls and eventually to the contrasting features such as the trim and other unique areas of the room. Our quality work ensures that your home becomes attractive and lovely to your family and visitors.

In addition to the living room, we also paint all the other rooms of your home and match colors to suit the specific use and design of the room. Our high quality paint jobs go beyond interior painting to cover exteriors, and include commercial and institutional buildings.

Home Painters Toronto Painting Services covers

  • Exterior painting
  • Home Interior Painting
  • Institutional building’s painting
  • Kitchen cabinet staining
  • Painting swimming pools
  • Painting drive ways
  • Wood trim repair and painting
  • Bathroom painting
  • Washroom remodelling
  • Exterior staining
  • Staining staircases
  • Painting condos
  • Painting Tudor style houses
  • Renovating and painting Edwardian, Victorian style home
  • Color consultations and much more

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action:

Our Services are available along the Runnymede Road, Bloor Street West, Roncesvalles Avenue, Parkside Drive, Dundas Street West The Queensway and the. Also covered are the areas near the Canadian National railway and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.


As you work towards giving your family the best home possible, Home Painters Toronto is there to make it easy and achievable. Our experienced team will listen to your aspirations and provide you with the best solution.

Home Painters Toronto has helped many individuals, families and business people to transform their homes and commercial premises into great, attractive and ever fresh homes or offices. This is made possible by our experienced painting professionals who are always upgrading their skills to be up to date with the modern techniques and products.

Home Painters Toronto has proofed to be one of the honest and efficient professional home painters in the High Park North area. We are available to serve you, and add you to our list of happy satisfied customers. Whether you want to paint your home’s interiors, carry out a complete makeover or paint your house exteriors, our friendly painting experts will ensure that they deliver beyond your expectations.

As you plan to carry out your home painting project, ensure that you entrust it to the Home Painters Toronto professionals who will not let you down.

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