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Vaughan is a fast-growing city in the York Region located north of the city of Toronto. Its boundaries include Steeles Avenue, Highway 50, King-Vaughan Road, Bathurst Street, and Yonge Street.


Its rapid growth can be attributed to the low industrial and commercial taxes, convenient transport, and a large industrial and manufacturing base that offers plenty of jobs. It is the only municipality with a city status in the York Region.

The “City Above Toronto” as it is commonly referred to, is made up of six distinct communities, namely Thornhill, Maple, Woodbridge, Kleinburg, Concord, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg is a popular tourist centre and Vaughan Mills offers both shopping facilities and Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, the largest amusement park in Canada. Other attractions include the Boyd Conservation Area, Reptilia, the Baitul Islam Mosque, J.E.H MacDonald House, and much more.

Being as large a city as it is Vaughan has people of several ethnic groups who earn varying incomes. There is a mix of almost every type of building, including low and high rise apartments and detached and semi-detached homes. Others include commercial buildings, office blocks, malls, and industrial buildings.

Home Painters Toronto understands the various ethnic groups and classes of people together with their aspirations when it comes to home and business premises painting and beautification. We have highly qualified workers able to handle any type of a project, whether big or small, simple or complicated.

We assist all Vaughan commercial and residential customers in painting exteriors as well as interiors and carry out complete or partial makeovers in addition to any other building improvement service. We achieve this by offering tailor-made painting solutions that caters to all your needs.

Vaughan Professional Painting Services we provide for you:

Living Room Painting

Depending on the size and features of your living room, our colour consultant will assist in deciding on the best colour scheme that will bring out the best of your home. The project will begin with moving and covering up the furniture and floor, followed by clean-up of all surfaces to remove soot, cobwebs, dust, grease, fingerprints, and other contaminants.

We will also remove hardware such as power sockets, light switches, and pictures, and tape the areas that won’t be painted such as baseboards, windows frames, and mouldings. Our skilled workers will inspect all surfaces and repair all defects.

The prep is followed by priming after which premium quality paint is applied to all the surfaces. Our sequence and superior techniques enable us to give your living room a fresh and lovely finish.

In case you require any other home improvement services, we provide you with the same high quality on all exterior and interior painting, remodelling, wallpaper finishes, and much more.

Home Painters Toronto Services

  • Industrial Structures Painting
  • Factory Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Business Space Painting
  • Garage Painting
  • Painting Warehouses
  • Shopping Mall Painting
  • Residential Painting
  • Painting Bungalows
  • Condo Painting
  • Townhouse Painting
  • Painting Shopfronts
  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Exterior Staining
  • Carpentry
  • Renovations
  • Remodelling
  • Deck Staining
  • Stucco Finishes
  • Colour Matching

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Vaughan

Our Vaughan painting services are available in the six communities of Kleinburg, Maple, Woodbridge, Concord, Thornhill, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. We cover all structures along Huntington Road, Highway 50, Highway 407, Highway 400, Highway 27, King-Vaughan Road, Weston Road, Major Mackenzie Drive, Steeles Avenue, Jane Street, Keele Street, Dufferin Street, Bathurst Street and Yonge Street.

When painting your business, home, or commercial building in Vaughan you need to hire a qualified and honest contractor such as Home Painters Toronto. We have established and proven ourselves as one of the best building improvement experts relied upon by hundreds of satisfied customers.

We have progressively increased our customer base through our excellent services which earn us happy and satisfied customers who are proud to refer us to other prospective clients. Our highly qualified and efficient professional painting experts constantly undergo training to upgrade their skills and keep them up to date with the latest products and techniques.

We are rated as a top painting contractor in addition to receiving an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. At Home Painters Toronto we take into account the safety of our clients and their belongings and always adhere to proper work ethics that can guarantee this.

We use state of the art tools, efficient and cost-effective methods, and have qualified personnel capable of delivering on any painting project in Vaughan. Whether your home requires a living room painted, a kitchen remodelled, exterior painting, or a complete facelift, we are your contractor of choice.

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